• The Matthew Bible

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The Matthew Bible: Modern Spelling Edition™

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This Bible was the combined work of William Tyndale, and John Rogers with Miles Coverdale. It was published under the pseudonym Thomas Matthew by men targeted by an antagonistic queen who was anti biblical restoration: A monarchy that burned hundreds of the Thomas Matthew Bibles in an attempt to prevent the common people from reading God's life giving words in English.  The Matthew Bible is the true, accurate, and God inspired English language Bible. Although the King James Version has served English speakers well (and will continue in that capacity), there is a pure and unaltered truth that can only be found in this Bible -- A Bible that was written in the life blood of Tyndale and Rogers, men who fought to write, live, and preserve God's precious words. The Matthew Bible is a 1537 Bible made easily readable for today's readers -- without changing the wording. This may be the most accurate easy-to-read English Bible ever printed.

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