The Book of Psalms Is Being Published

06.06.19 6:54:08 PM Comment(s)

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Are you anxious to get the Book of Psalms, as a stand alone book, from the Matthew Bible: Modern Spelling Edition (A historical first)? Keep checking here on the blog, on the website, and by listening to the Matthew Bible Podcast to learn how you can win a FREE or discounted copy. This audience will have early access. Once the printing date has been established, we will let you know the details. If you want to jump start your chances of winning The Book of Psalms, MBMS, leave a message on the Anchor app telling what you like most about the Matthew Bible or send an email with the same information!

This Episode:

The biblical passages are read that explain that Sodom was destroyed because of sins that caused a stink in the nostrils of God. Lot avoided this destruction by obeying God. Later, Apostle Paul explains what those sins were, and what to avoid in order to find salvation. Listener comments are found at the end. Please call in with positive comments or questions and your comments/voice may be used in the next show! Use the Anchor app to reach out directly via voice or send a chat or email from the website.

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