Why Is It Called The Matthew Bible

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Thomas Matthew: A reason for the name

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The word Thomas (Θωμάς), means "Twin" and the word Matthew (Ματθαιος) means "Gift from God (Yahweh)". When these two words are combined (Θωμάς Ματθαιος) they form the definition: A twin gift from God. The idea that forms this theory is that John Rogers wanted to be both truthful and inconspicuous when signing the Bible.

Using the name William Tyndale would have resulted in, at the least, a rejection of a printing license and at the worst, being burned at the stake. The result to Rogers'/Coverdale's decision was to use the original New Testament language of Greek to answer the King honestly about the Bible translation's authorship.

The Θωμάς Ματθαιος (Thomas Matthew) can reasonably be interpreted as meaning: "This Bible containing the Holy Scriptures as translated into English as 'a twin gift from God to the one's you [King Henry] burned in the streets.'" Perhaps one can read the title page as saying, "We didn't change anything and we are reprinting this Bible just as Tyndale had envisioned it completed, and without changing anything he had previously written."

There is no difficulty to postulate that John Rogers intentionally used the Greek language to confound his enemies while also honestly articulating the person who was responsible for its translation. When asked, "Who translated the Bible into English?" John Rogers could in truth answer, "William Tyndale did most of the work and this is a twin to all he has previously said." Wisely, Rogers said all that in Greek and eventually received a license to print the first original languages-to-English Bible.

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