Many are anxiously waiting to obtain a copy of The Matthew Bible: Modern Spelling Edition but until it is available in the near future, you can add these handsome little books to your study library and learn a little about the the Matthew Bible's history and read the book of Psalms.

To learn more about the real and fascinating history of the first, original languages-to-English Bible translation (The Matthew Bible) read Christ: Lost in the Word. If you think you know the Bible's history ... you may be surprised. English Bible History, in many cases, has been rewritten. This is a unique, well researched historical overview of the development of the Matthew Bible - a historical first - containing a history that some have tried to hide.

You can also use the card in the back of the book to identify if a particular Bible version is a good one to own or not. People want to know if a new Bible translation is worth purchasing: This handy and simple to use method allows you to buy new translations with confidence.

Do you want to know more about the Bible, or about the changes in the latest translations?
Christ: Lost in the word, is an easy to read history book. It traces the background leading to the first original languages-to-English Bible translation and talks a little about the men who made it possible.